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What our clients say


    From the very beginning, we had your full support with a high degree of expertise – from planning through to execution. Our employees received excellent training from you and learned everything they needed to use the equipment. Whenever we had a question, you always made us feel how important it was to you to take us seriously down to the smallest detail, and this has allowed us to operate the system you provided with confidence. The well-being of our guests was and always is a top priority for us and it is a great pleasure for us to see how readily the possibility of alleviating their respiratory problems through regular use of the SeaClimate is accepted.

    - R. Gödel I Mineral Spa Böblingen -

    Stubborn bronchitis with a permanent urge to cough stopped me resting, even at night. After just 2 (!!!) sessions in the salt room, I was finally able to sleep through the night again. What a tremendous relief!
    After a total of 1 week of sitting in the brine mist for 30 minutes a day, my bronchitis was healed and this time without any antibiotics at all! 
    For me, the salt room has become a permanent fixture. Not only when I feel the beginnings of a scratchy throat and an impending cold, but simply just to relax too. 
    I highly recommend it to anyone!

    - Petra from Veltheim -

    The sea feeling with all its advantages and effects on the whole organism has become an important factor in our services. Lots of competitive athletes now use our oxygen-brine cabin regularly. 
    We found the incredible support we have received, even after the device was put into operation, to be particularly positive. Both the promotion at the opening event and the commitment to further expanding customer acquisition are thoroughly exemplary.
    Since the very beginning, our device has been running without problems, almost maintenance-free and to our complete satisfaction

    - Sicco Schwenzfeger I state certified masseur and med. lifeguard


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